Machinima Extends Deal with Poptent for Crowdsourcing Content

Machinima, the massively popular YouTube suite of channels mainly aimed at teen boys and young men, has extended its platform subscription contract with Poptent, the Phiiladelphia-based social video marketing company, through 2014.

The subscription gives Machinima the ability to to manage its YouTube source talent, conduct influencer video ad campaigns and manage for-pay programs to drive clicks from YouTube. The platform also delivers back end aid.

Poptent’s CEO is Nick Pahade, a digital advertising pioneer, with  varied experience in emerging platformms . Most recently, Pahade was president and CEO at Interpublic Group‘s  Initiative North America,  part of the company's Mediabrands unit.

Machinima  has more than 2.1 billion video views and, it says,over 188 million unique viewers each month. Poptent crowdsources advertising videos for specific audiences, and presides over a network of thousands of creative video producers worldwide, and solicits creative campaign that fit with specific audiences, like the one Machinima attracts, from diverse sources. It brags,for example, of using video producers from Athens, Ohio to West Chester, Pa. to Los Angeles, to create a campaign for Famous Footwear.

Working together, a Poptent press release says, Poptent and Machinima coordinated an influencer campaign to promote eBay collections within its network, creating eight videos that attracted 750,000 viewers.

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