NEW! Dos Equis Eggnog Recipe From The Most Interesting Man In The World

dosequisThis holiday season has been a time for me to learn about new and interesting food and drinks. I had no idea that Oreo balls were a thing – and apparently delicious – and I never knew that Dos Equis eggnog was a festive holiday drink. Thanks to the brand’s Most Interesting Man in the World, I am now in the know. Most Interesting Man is the star of an online video promoting Dos Equis’ Dos Nog, made with Dos Equis Ambar. He is writing his friend – using a quill pen – to ask for his delicious eggnog recipe for use at a party with former beauty pageant winners in attendance. He sends the message via a St. Bernard, and even seals the letter closed with his signature emblem, because that’s how he rolls. Watch it here, created by Havas Worldwide.

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