No Matter How You Cut It, Use Wisconsin Cheese

Cheese is an essential ingredient in pizza, macaroni and cheese and other comfort foods, and the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board wants to make sure these dishes include Wisconsin cheeses. 

The non-profit organization comprised of Wisconsin dairy producers and Wisconsin-based ad shop Stephan and Brady have launched the "All Things Mac And Cheese" Web site featuring more than 100 macaroni and cheese recipes.

"We've been promoting Mac and Cheese for the past four years via the 30 Days 30 Ways Mac and Cheese blog, and have received a lot of great feedback and comments about the recipes," says Heather Porter Engwall, Director of National Product Communications, Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. "After four successful years featuring the Mac and Cheese blog, we decided to create the ultimate Mac and Cheese recipe Web site to inspire people to try the recipes, learn from the useful tips and use Wisconsin Cheese."



Each month, a new recipe will be added to the database. "People continue to enjoy and seek out comfort foods," says Porter Engwall. "Mac and cheese recipes range from simple stovetop variations to creative gourmet options. Home cooks can find recipes for a wide range of any add-in ingredient they have on hand, whether it's seasonal vegetables, sausage, bacon or seafood."

This Web site is part of a larger effort to increase Wisconsin cheese consumption nationally. The organization's fiscal 2014 budget -- running through June 30 -- has allocated $13.4 million to cheese-related branding efforts. Although macaroni and cheese is currently receiving the most attention, the group also intends to increase Wisconsin cheese consumption through pizza and sandwiches. 

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