Unruly, Civolution Bestow Honors on the Bud Puppy-and-Horse Show

As the tabulations keep coming in,  Unruly Media.com says Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” was the most shared video online. Another tabulation, by Civolution, says the ad also received the most paid or earned TV coverage.

The Budweiser bran's popularity also allowed it top Volkswagen for the most shared Super Bowl brand in history, when "Puppy Love" shares are added to two other Bud ads, "A Hero's Welcome" and "Ian Up for Whatever." (Links below)

The top ad, about a puppy’s love for horse, and vice versa, has received 1.31 million shares, according to data supplied by Unruly’s Viral Video Chart.
That makes it the sixth most shared Super Bowl ad of all time (so far). It also was shown on national television 75 times, and on local channels 1,200 times, says Civolution, also leading all others.

Worldwide, the appeal of actress Scarlett Johansson for SodaStream apparently proved highly valuable, leading to 755 broadcasts outside of the U.S.

Here’s the 2014 sharing top 10, according to Unruly Viral Video Chart.

1. Budweiser: “Puppy Love” - 1,309,403 shares

2. Budweiser: “A Heroes’ Welcome” - 202,556

3. Axe: “Make Love, Not War” - 136,282

4. Jaguar: “British Villains” - 125,896

5. Bud Light: “Ian Up For Whatever” - 123,418

6. Kia: “The Truth” - 106,491

7. VW: “Wings” - 104,906

8. Cheerios: “Gracie” - 100,173

9. Toyota: “Big Game Ad Starring Terry Crews and The Muppets” - 74,128

10. Chevrolet: Romance - 70,945

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