Oberto's Protein Builds Pro Athletes

World-class athletes are constantly in search of protein. Oberto Brands is using the Olympic stage to highlight its jerky as a source of high protein nourishment for people who want to lead active lifestyles. 

“It’s really all about informing Americans, especially those who are active, about the benefits of protein,” Greg Yahn, vice president of marketing for Oberto brands, tells Marketing Daily. “We have a lot of research that shows consumers are looking for a place to find more protein.” 

The brand’s year-long “PROtein” campaign launched with a series of videos featuring professional snowboarder Louie Vito as the company’s official “stokesperson.” In the videos, Vito speaks about the importance of protein for his training, particularly after a workout when his body is working to replenish and repair muscle fibers. The videos close with the line, “Eat excellent. Be excellent.” (The brand also launched a sweepstakes to win a Vito-signed snowboard.)



“Louie is an authentic guy for staying fit and eating protein,” Yahn says. “We’re trying to say, ‘This stuff is great for him, and you should be using it as well.’”

The Vito videos are part of a year-long effort to raise awareness among active-lifestyle consumers who may be looking for sources of lean protein to help them achieve their goals, Yahn says. Though he wouldn’t disclose details, Yahn says Oberto will be showcasing other athletes in major sports throughout the year. 

“The category in general hasn’t spoken to athletic lifestyles,” Yahn says. “We’re going after athletes because athletes, in particular, are looking for good sources of protein.”

In addition to the web videos, the brand will be appearing on radio and other channels throughout the year, Yahn says.

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