Kennedy Health Alliance Focuses On Consumer Wants

Most health care out-of-home campaigns show doctors at work in operating rooms, or in examining rooms, or patients extolling the virtues of their doctor of the facility. Often there’s the requisite operating room shot and the focus on high technology. 

A new regional campaign for Cherry Hill, N.J.-based Kennedy Health Alliance, a network of Garden State health care facilities, is trying a focus on people who say they aren’t doctors but know what they want from one. 

The TV radio, print and out-of-home campaign, by Philadelphia-based LevLane, centers on a :30 TVspot, narrated consecutively by eight New Jerseyans -- a boatwright, rock-climber, professor, mom, and green grocer among them -- and uses the headline “I’m not a doctor, but...,” and ends with “but I know what I want from one.” 



The agency says the creative strategy follows research that showed, in broad terms, that patients want control of their health care, and would rather not have options dictated to them. 

The consumers in the ad delineate the kinds of medical experiences they do want, and they aren’t that different from the ones you might expect from your smartphone (although the people in the ad don't make that particular comparison): proximity, availability, and ease of use with the provider taking care of things like calendar, appointments, prescriptions, and treatments. 

Bullet points list some specifics: “offices within five miles,” “night and weekend hours,” “referrals to top specialists,” “your own health coach.” No advertiser is called out until the very end of the ad. At that point the chief physician, Carman Ciervo, flanked by staff physicians, touts the group.

The group says its media buy targets a broad, mainly young audience via all TV networks (including prime time); talk format radio and Pandora; area magazine and newspaper full page or page-dominant formats; and highway billboards.

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