Vertical Search Works Acquires DSP AddGloo, Takes 'Semantic' Approach To Advertising

Vertical Search Works (VSW) on Tuesday announced it has acquired addGloo, a demand-side platform (DSP) for online display advertising.

VSW is a search marketing technology company that is stepping into broader display advertising with this acquisition. The company now lets its clients buy display ad inventory via real-time bidding (RTB).

VSW pegs itself as a “semantics” search company, meaning it analyzes the textual content of a page to determine relevance before displaying ads or search results. The company acquired addGloo because it says the DSP uses semantics in a similar manner -- addGloo claims to target relevant consumers on Web pages relevant to the ad's content.

“Semantic search is a search engine’s ability to understand what a user’s interests and intentions are and to direct them to the most relevant content,” a company representative explained.

Derrick Horner, co-founder and CEO of addGloo, believes the acquisition will lead to more search marketers running display ad campaigns.

“Businesses that rely on search marketing [now] have a better way to tightly integrate search with display campaigns using the same ad creative and familiar keyword targeting,” he stated.



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