MoPub Gives Mobile Exchange Users Access To BlueKai's Data Well

In-app ads have risen to the top of a mobile marketer’s to-do list, but MoPub thinks app developers don’t have access to enough data to make the ads as effective as they could be.

In hopes of taking in-app advertising to the next level, the mobile ad exchange has partnered with BlueKai, the Oracle-owned data management platform (DMP).

Advertisers using the MoPub exchange now have access to BlueKai’s audience marketplace -- a hub of anonymous data on more than 100 million mobile users, the company claims.

"We're excited to now provide a more enriched inventory offering on the MoPub marketplace through our partnership with BlueKai," stated Janae McDonogh, director of exchange at MoPub. "BlueKai data segments will help our partners to fulfill their clients' more targeted campaign needs.”

In a release, the companies cite recent research from Gartner saying in-app purchases will account for nearly 25% of total mobile revenue in 2014, and could account for as much as 50% by 2017.

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