NEW! Foot Locker Ad Features Athletes That Never Won A Championship Ring

footlockerFoot Locker launched a great TV spot this week promoting Adidas gear and NBA star Damian Lillard of the Portland Trailblazers. Lillard shares his career goal in the "Foot Locker Approved" campaign: not to be that athlete who, despite immense talent, doesn't win a championship ring. Unfortunately, Lillard puts his foot in his mouth as Barry Sanders and Ladainian Tomlinson, two talented NFL stars who never won Super Bowl rings, are seated next to him. Lillard digs his hole deeper insisting he was talking about NBA rings when the camera pans to Chris Webber, an NBA star who never won a championship ring. To make matters even worse, Lillard further explains that he doesn't want to be that basketball legend who goes to the NBA finals over and over, never to win a ring. And in walks Karl Malone, who went to the NBA finals three times but never won, with burgers for everyone. The ad, seen here, and created by BBDO New York, will run heavily during the NBA Playoffs.

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