Placemedia Taking Programmatic TV Local

Placemedia, a TV ad exchange and subsidiary of Viamedia, on Wednesday announced the launch of a buy-side platform for local marketers. The new platform is called Local Engage.

Local Engage is an online platform advertisers can use to plan and buy local TV campaigns targeting specific audiences. The advertisers buy inventory TV networks have made available through the placemedia exchange, but there is no real-time bidding (RTB).

The company says buyers using the new platform will have access to household viewing behavior data from Rentrak, as well as consumer data from data management platforms, such as Experian and Axciom. Marketers will be able to use this data -- along with any first- or third-party data they can access -- to create audiences.

“Making sense of micro targeting in local markets requires access to large volumes of viewing behavior data,” stated Bill Livek, vice chairman and CEO of Rentrak.

The platform is expected to be beta tested this summer by a select group of partners before a formal launch by the end of the year.

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