Cutwater SF Launches 'Brilliant' Solar Campaign

Solar power has grown sharply in the U.S. in recent years and in 2013 was the third largest user of solar power globally, behind China and Japan, according to research firm NPD SolarBuzz.  

Now, Sunrun, a residential solar power company, and its brand agency Cutwater San Francisco are introducing a new ad campaign to further raise awareness about solar's possibilities.

"This campaign is centered around the idea of how 'Brilliant' solar really is," says Chuck McBride, chief creative officer, Cutwater. "So going solar isn't just a smart decision for the family's economics, the house, the environment and the community --  it's a brilliant one."

The ad illustrates the way appliances -- such as cell phones, alarm clocks, lights, household and kitchen appliances, video screens, toys and even lawnmowers -- spring to life through solar power under the Stomp-like music performance of Katrina and the Waves’ “Walking on Sunshine.”



The spot ends with the slogan “Solar lets everything run under the sun,” a new iteration of Sunrun’s "Brilliant" tagline.

"We recognize a macro trend in how consumers want to make their homes more connected and smarter," says McBride. "And we believe solar should be included in this conversation. One thing we know is if our homes ran on solar, all the "smart" appliances, and the home overall, would be smarter for it."

This campaign is running across radio, TV digital, and out-of-home. Focused media markets include the San Francisco Bay Area, Stockton/Modesto, and San Diego, with plans to expand to new unspecified markets later this year.

Cutwater has been the brand agency for Sunrun since 2013.

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