Snuggle In Branded Integration Deal With Meredith

This month, Snuggle Bear is waking up earlier than usual. As part of the nationwide launch for Snuggle Scent Boosters, Snuggle's parent company Sun Products Corp. is partnering with Meredith Video Studios for the six-part branded "Smell The Snifference" series airing on The Better Show morning program through May 22. 

These segments - hosted by author, blogger and lifestyle expert Jordan Reid and the Snuggle brand icon Snuggle Bear - includes promotional spots, on-location and in-studio segments that will discuss mom-relevant topics connected to the product, such as enhancing your family's senses and mood at home, making the connection between scent and emotion, and creating a Mother's Day that is all about boosting mom's mood.

All segments also feature a helpful laundry tip from Reid. 



Indeed, straight-forwarded traditional ads are totally your mother's era, say Snuggle executives. Today's moms prefer campaigns that combine real benefits with mom-relevant topics. 

At the same time, Snuggle and its public relations agency, Current Lifestyle Marketing are introducing an integrated digital, social and public relations campaign. Additional messaging will be activated via Facebook, Twitter and

This is Snuggle's first time working with The Better Show, and the series was selected by the brand for its ability to reach the product's target audience - moms - with helpful, real-life advice. "Snuggle and The Better Show want to give mom a big boost by providing easy and creative ideas to help manage her home, family and self," said Bibie Wu, Vice President of Marketing, Snuggle. "And we're starting in the laundry room with Snuggle Scent Boosters.”


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