Omelet, Healthy Concepts, Hatch Organic Food Brand Betsy's Best

Omelet, a Los Angeles-based branding, marketing and entertainment company, isn't content to only develop campaigns for other brands. Rather, the agency is putting its talents to its own benefit.

In partnership with Healthy Concepts Food Company, Omelet is introducing Betsy’s Best, a new line of gourmet and all-natural and seed butters, including peanut, almond and sunflower.

This marks the first agency-owned brand to be launched under Omelet Brands -- the agency’s new division dedicated to creating and developing original products and services for the consumer market.

Omelet's investment has been a combination of capital and service expertise in strategy, branding and marketing. "I’d like to say that this venture is unlike anything else that Omelet has done," says Ryan Fey, co-founder and chief brand officer, Omelet. "We’re launching this like a new business and have brought in packaging and even FDA-label experts to ensure we’re doing everything by the books." 



The agency is utilizing its “audience-centric" strategic approach to bring this product to market and applying all of its learnings to craft the right type of creative/marketing campaign. "We have had an incredible team of Omelet people from all facets of the agency working on this brand," says Fey.

"Their knowledge of audience, design and positioning has led to the creation of a new offering that we think will truly stand out on the shelves. Betsy's Best is completely unique from everything else on the market and we are really excited to share this with consumers and retail partners alike."

It's been helpful to be in control of all aspects of this product, says Fey. "Many times when we work with brands, they have the product and distribution dialed in. From sourcing, manufacturing, distribution etc. -- we usually just work on the marketing side, not on the development, alongside Healthy Concepts Food Company, fulfillment, logistics, distribution, e-commerce strategy, etc. Omelet has been involved in the entire process start to finish with our partners -- each learning along the way to hopefully set this brand up for success, and future expansion."

This alliance originated after Don Kurz, Omelet’s Chairman and CEO, first sampled Betsy’s Best. He received a jar from Ronald Nordmann, who is the chairman of Healthy Concepts Food Company and a longtime friend of Kurz.

"We have wanted to create and own our own brands or partner with others to develop and own since we opened the doors in 2004," says Fey. "What has resulted so far is a beautiful blend of skills and passion that will soon be bringing the best tasting nut and seed butters to market."

Betsy’s Best will launch domestically in June 2014 with the products for sale on and at farmers markets in Florida and Southern California. Omelet also has a retail and wholesale distribution strategy set in place to roll out later this year. Plus, the agency plans on utilizing social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, to build word-of-mouth. 

In addition to Betsy's Best, Omelet has been working on a new and unique restaurant concept for the Southern California market and several other consumer products.

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