Need Help Getting To The Moon? 'YP Can Do That'

YP, formerly Yellow Pages, is more than just searching for a phone number which is why the brand's new "YP Can Do That" campaign conveys a single, direct message: that YP can help people do practically anything their hearts desire – even if it involves helping them get to the moon.

Developed with creative agency barrettSF, the integrated marketing campaign is designed to build upon different narratives based on regions and demographics. For instance, outdoor media in Los Angeles asks “Can YP Help LA Traffic?” And another ad asks “Can YP Help Start-Ups Start?”

And YP's national push is shooting for the stars. Over the next month, the be updated daily by "Steve," an actor-turned-astronaut wannabe, on whether YP can help his journey to the moon. The campaign features 60-second and 30-second online video ads, social media presence, and radio spots. There's also a video interview with former astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, whom Steve will ask for advice on what to do on the moon once he gets there.

The “YP can do that” moon concept represents an evolution for the company's marketing strategy. Last September, the company launched “YP, The New Way To Do” campaign that focused on generic inquiries designed to raise overall brand awareness. This initiative saw lifts in aided brand awareness as high as 32% and 37% in key markets during the brand campaign’s initial run. 

Now, the campaign is becoming more thematic and specific. "It's important to strike the right balance in being educational and informative, but also tell a narrative," says Allison Checchi, CMO, YP. "We want to be more aspirational and memorable." It currently appears in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle, and Nashville.

Looking forward, the campaign will continue to emphasize all of what YP has to offer in order to get things done, fast. The platform is also testing TV spots. Plus, "you are likely to see if a 5'2'' man can dunk a basketball," says Checchi, somewhat cryptically. 

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