App Developers Gain Resource Hub, Search Engine To Build The Future

The Application Developers Alliance officially launches a search engine Wednesday that provides a central hub for business tools, industry insight, and policy information to help developers build companies and apps. will host content on topics like "Seven Things You Should Never Code Yourself" and podcasts like the one from Robert Scoble, an alliance board member, which describe strategies in the age of context. The alliance is a non-profit global organization serving more than 30,000 developers and more than 175 companies.

The site also links to content from industry giants like Intel, providing a guide to the Internet of Things that estimates about 26 smart objects for every human being on Earth by 2020, based on IDC, Intel, and United Nations stats.

Smart doesn't stop at objects. While the site will host original content, it also will aggregate content from across the Web. An infographic from Intel describes "tiny stuff" like smart dust where "computers smaller than a grain of sand can be spayed or injected almost anywhere to measure chemicals in the soil, or to diagnose problems in the human body."

Apps Alliance President Jon Potter realizes there's no shortage of information available to app developers, but finding the correct information can be challenging. That's one reason for developing the search engine and the content supporting it.

Aside from aggregating industry research reports, white papers, and studies, the site will serve as an interactive platform for Apps Alliance members, offering access to exclusive content, such as early research reports and webinars from firms like VisionMobile and discounts on services and event registration. Developers can join the Alliance for free.

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