Amazon, Not Google, Will Pay $1B For Twitch, Report Says

 It could be Amazon, not Google, that will spend $1 billion to acquire the site Twitch, in which gamers watch video games being played in real time, according to reports Monday afternoon.

The deal is not done yet, and none of the parties is commenting, says The Washington Post.

The pay site, The Information, is reporting Amazon’s last minute swipe. For months, Google had been the presumed buyer, also for a reported $1 billion, but the deal never closed. Other news sources, including The Wall Street Journal, said the courtship between Google and Twitch had “cooled” recently.

But this latest story is just that, for now.  “There are a couple scenarios that we could be dealing with here,” says a report from Gizmodo. “Google and Amazon are both interested in Twitch, the original rumors surrounding YouTube's interests were much less official than originally reported, or someone is just plain wrong.”

Twitch lets gamers broadcast in real-time, and while that may sound esoteric, the site’s peak traffic stats rank it fourth in the U.S.

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