Aw, Cute Overload! Now You Can Get Your Creative Partner A Promise Ring

In a celebration of the bond between a copywriter and an art director, James H. Goldberg, a "loosely bound but tightly-held collective of advertising creatives," is out with Creative Promises, a collection of promise rings developed seemingly to cement the bond between creatives. Said to be "crafted with the finest 3D printing technology," there's Intern White, Pitch Black and Award Gold. Hey, everyone's pledging themselves to each other no matter the persuasion. Why not a solid bond between creatives?

Here's an interesting recruitment campaign from The Creative Circus. The ad school sent an email to prospective students which read, "Dear Prospective Student, Your career path is never black and white. But one thing we can say for certain is that jobs in advertising and design are about as fun and colorful as work can possibly be. But don’t take our word for it. Visit for a look at a company deeply committed to spreadsheets, busy work and suffocating corporate culture. And if that doesn’t look appealing, join us at our Open House on 9/6/2014 and find out how you can turn fun into a career." The email points to a website which houses a company called Business Enterprise and Incentivized Global Exchange or, ahem, Beige. In a video, we hear from recruiter Melvin Flatwoog, productivity lead Terry Parchment-Paper and HR warden Hugh Szuck. They each prattle on about the tedium of working at Beige. The message, of course, is don't be beige and come to The Creative Circus' open house on September 6.

CMOs come and CMOs go. We all know that. They arrive and want to make their mark. Some do, check it off their bucket list and move on. Others fail and are asked to move on. Either way, their tenure is usually short, about 45 months according to recruiters Spencer Stuart. But a new study from RSW/US says its agency new business directors who revolve even more. According to the study, tenure for that position is just two years or less. The study notes one of the biggest reasons for this occurrence is the lack of realistic performance expectations. Two years ago RSW found agency execs stated their new business directors were somewhat or very successful. Today that level of satisfaction hovers around 26%. And while one third of respondents say the new business game has become more difficult, two thirds feel new business directors do not employ solid methodology.

It seems Mollie Spillman has outgrown Millennial Media. But at least she wasn't blind-sided this time. Spillman, who in 2012 was replaced as CMO of Yahoo by Marisa Mayer while on vacation, has left Millennial Media to become Chief Revenue Officer of retargeter Criteo. She will focus on growing Criteo's mobile business. Of her move from Millennial Media to Criteo, Spillman said, "Criteo is just a bigger company. I think that there is so much potential for growth." And maybe she won't have to hang out with so many Millennials. 

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