Mazola, WomensForum Partner On Recipe Tool

Mazola Corn Oil is launching a digital marketing campaign with, centered on the brand's being the first sponsor of a new online recipe tool.

The tool, dubbed "Pantry Pal," offers quick recipes for tasty, healthy, low-cholesterol meals that can be created with ingredients already in a household's pantry, with emphasis on dishes that include Mazola Corn Oil and other Mazola products.

"We know that women today are bombarded with the latest trendy diets and so-called healthy options," Mazola Senior Brand Manager Terrence O’Donnell tells Marketing Daily. "WomensForum and the Pantry Pal tool will help us break through the clutter to offer a real solution for busy women and their families.” 

The marketing partnership also includes:



*Branded Mazola content integrated into's online series “The Fit Fix,” produced by its video production arm, Studio 444. The sponsored-content episodes will be distributed across’s sites.

*Custom branded articles on topics such as budget-conscious ways to prepare heart-healthy meals, accompanied by recipes spotlighting Mazola Corn Oil. 

*A branded, custom content "conversational unit" offering shopping lists, tips and solutions for overcoming every-day challenges to lowering cholesterol. The unit will be featured on's home page, as well as on the main pages of several sections, and will also be targeted to online communities in the family. – which, according to comScore, had 35 million unique monthly visitors as of July -- understood Mazola's brand priorities and positioning and provided critical insights into the digital habits of the target audience, says Bill Puentes, senior director Mazola marketing.

Mazola's media agency, Maxus Global, brokered the partnership.  

O’Donnell says that while television and other traditional channels remain important to Mazola, the brand also continues to expand its use of digital programs and platforms, which have seen "great success."

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  1. Tiffany Niess from MKT, September 8, 2014 at 6:14 p.m.

    I think this is a smart idea for Mazola to partner with WomensForum recipe tool. I don’t think it is so much about women wanting to follow the latest craze diets, but giving women a simple solution to fast healthy meals. I feel that the majority of the time women are the ones who will be looking up or just browsing websites like WomensForum possibly looking for something new to make either if it just for their family or just for themselves. Mazola did a excellent job at identifying who their consume would be and came up with a way to get their product out their. Now days women are busy with families, jobs, and other responsibilities this leaves very little time to sit down and watch TV or sit down and look through a magazine for quick easy recipes so being able to promote their product on the forum where women can get all of their information at once is an important thing for a company like Mazola. I also think that it is very smart for Mazola not to ignore there other types of advertising like magazines and television so that they are still able to promote their products to an older generation that might not have access to the Internet or social media. Overall I think the Mazola has done a smart thing by reaching out to their target audience and promoting in a way that will get them seen, but they should also try to find new ways to reach new audiences such as college students or even the single males.

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