Kendall-Jackson's New Wine Targets 'Mature Millennials'

Nearly three in 10 Millennials (28%) have purchased either red or white wine within the past three months, according to Scarborough Research. Millennials are also 27% more likely than the average adult to consider themselves sophisticated and 44% more likely to agree that they live a lifestyle that impresses others.

Now, wine maker Kendall-Jackson is introducing K-J Avant, a new wine to target these mature wine-drinking Millennials. And San Francisco creative shop Heat has created a campaign to promote it.

The campaign focuses on spontaneous moments with friends to position K-J Avant as being the “right wine for right now.” Essentially, the campaign reflects that no matter where millennials live – the streets of San Francisco or the suburbs of Detroit—they can now drink a wine from the coastal vineyards of California that’s handcrafted and sold at an affordable price point; the wine retails between $13 - $17. The brand will also promote K-J’s history of quality and integrity.



“It’s an exciting time, as we’re continuing to see Millennials explore various styles and varietals without sacrificing quality. The wine aisle can be cluttered and intimidating,” said John Maxwell, vice president of brand marketing at Kendall-Jackson. “For over 30 years, Kendall-Jackson has been trusted by wine enthusiasts and novices alike for superior winemaking. K-J Avant is our newest style of hand-crafted, fruit forward and expressive wines…the perfect wine for this demographic seeking a great wine for any occasion.”

This campaign is targeting influencers via three key platforms with the intent that these individuals will then leverage their social followings to raise awareness. 

First, in partnership with the website Refinery29, K-J Avant is showcasing custom content created by three Millennial influencers: Karen Mordechai, the creator of Sunday Suppers, Kate Arends, founder of Wit & Delight Studio, and Sarah Yates, the blogger behind “A House in the Hills.”

Each influencer has creative license to talk about their lifestyle, but are encouraged to discuss K-J Avant, in their own voice. Refinery 29 will also deliver real-time K-J Avant banners that are relevant to the content they’re displayed alongside.

Separately, as part of an offline/online collaboration, K-J Avant will be the sole wine sponsor for the upcoming Austin City Limits music festival in October. This annual event attracts more than 250,000 attendees, and K-J Avant will engage with Millennials through on-site activations and product samplings. There is also an associated sweepstakes contest, promoted on social channels, giving away tickets to the music festival. 

Finally, K-J Avant is connecting with Millennials through custom email advertorials and homepage takeovers using Tasting Table, an industry websites and newsletters for culinary enthusiasts.

Heat has worked with Kendall-Jackson winery as AOR since August 2013. 

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