As The Wind Blows, So Does Your Mobile RTB Campaign

Marketers can get rather creative with targeting parameters, but still some of the most basic categorizations might be all you need. Of course, that depends on what you’re looking for from a campaign, but there’s no denying that the fundamentals -- gender, location, weather and time -- do a solid job of creating “audiences” for you.

When the temperature was 88 degrees or higher during Q2 2014, for example, engagement rates on mobile retail ads served via real-time bidding (RTB) were 137% higher compared to the average. Engagements rates weren’t even half as good when the temperature was between 33-50 or 51-69.

The data comes from AdTheorent’s Q2 Mobile Ad Performance Report, which looked at 150 million impressions bought via real-time bidding (RTB) in the retail vertical.



Maryland, Texas, Florida, Ohio and South Carolina were the five best performing states in terms of mobile engagement, according to AdTheorent, while the Southwest and Southeast regions had the highest engagement rates at 132% and 128% above industry average, respectively. 

Actual “mobile” consumers -- consumers on the go and not on WiFi -- were 31% less likely to engage than consumers connected to Wi-Fi.

Females engaged more than males (16% higher click-through rate), while Android users outperformed iOS users by 30%. (Side-by-side, these stats are headscratchers, considering a recent Drawbridge report that says males are more inclined to go with Android, while females prefer iOS.)

The full AdTheorent report can be found here.

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