Smart TVs On The Rise In Connected TV World

Connected TV devices continue to climb worldwide -- with game consoles devices losing some steam to more installed smart TVs.
Worldwide ownership of connected TV devices -- smart TVs, smart Blu-ray players, IP-enabled game consoles and digital media streaming units -- grew 7% in the second quarter of 2014 versus the first quarter to 500 million units, according to Boston-based Strategy Analytics.  
Connected TV devices were up 34% in the second quarter versus the same period a year before. The survey now says that more than 16 different technology device brands on the market account for 90% of overall connected TV use.
Research says one in four connected TV devices are installed in homes around the world is a Sony branded product. Sony, Samsung, Nintendo and Microsoft products account for 60% of all devices in use.
When looking at only TV-specific digital media devices, Apple remained the leading brand -- with 18.7 million installed units in the second quarter of 2014 and a 3.8% overall market share when looking at all connected TV devices. Roku was at 8.3 million units and a 1.9% overall share. Google’s Google's Chromecast was at 6.0 million units and a 1.2% share. Within the more narrow digital media device market, Apple has just under a 30% market share.
Eric Smith, analyst of Strategy Analytics’s Connected Home Devices, stated: "Game consoles were until very recently the dominant connected TV device installed in the living room. However, Q2 2014 marked the first time that there are more smart TVs installed in homes globally than IP-enabled game consoles and smart TVs will now move on to become the dominant connected TV device in the living room in terms of ownership.”
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