Lotame Upgrades DMP To Support Cross-Device Targeting

Lotame, a data management platform (DMP), is upping its cross-device advertising game this week with the introduction of new technology able to link data from multiple devices. The company is expected to make the announcement on Wednesday.

The underlying technology for the new cross-device feature comes from AdMobius, the cross-device targeting firm Lotame partnered with last October before acquiring this spring.

Lotame says the tech uses a combination of “deterministic and probabilistic algorithms to create links between desktops, smartphones and tablets.” A recent Real-Time Daily commentary piece written by Daryl McNutt, former VP of marketing of Drawbridge and current CMO of Adaptive Media, explained deterministic and probabilistic modeling:

Deterministic device matching relies on personally identifiable information made available through a login system such as Google, Facebook, or Twitter, or by stitching together data from multiple publishers to make device connections….” When using deterministic algorithms, the ad targeting knows “exactly who the user is and what they are doing, as long as the user is logged in or has shared personal information with the publisher,” McNutt noted.

Probabilistic modeling, McNutt explained, makes predictions “based on observing thousands of data points and attributes from devices -- including device type, operating system, bed requests, and time of time -- and rarely rely on cookies due to disconnect of cookies on mobile devices.”

“Today’s consumer is more connected than ever before, spending more time online but across a broader number of different digital devices,” stated Andy Monfried, Lotame’s founder and CEO. “Without the ability to link these devices together, advertisers are restricted to targeting and measuring cross-screen campaigns in silos, and publishers are unable to unlock the true value of their mobile inventory.”

Lotame says that advertisers will now be able to use its DMP to create cross-screen audience segments. The company claims that cookie-based audience segments will be targetable across mobile devices, while mobile-based audiences can be targeted across desktop. Ad delivery can be frequency capped, per a release.

Cross-device targeting is becoming the new normal for DMPs, with AOL recently launching a DMP of their own featuring similar tech.

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