'Liking' Your Own Content Will Make Your Brain Explode

Advising clients on their social marketing isn’t always easy, especially when agencies may be calling out mistakes or stupid decisions. But it is easier when it's animated, which is why ad agency Brunner is illustrating seven “Social Media Faux Pas” routinely made by brand marketers. 

These videos are "simply to help our clients and others improve their social media marketing efforts," says George Potts, Director of Social Media Strategy, Brunner, Pittsburgh. "And to keep from cringing as often as we have been when we see what some have been doing.”

Regardless of industry or category, the agency sees similar corporate jargon rife for parody, which are: speaking with multiple voices (“Fans don’t want a brand with multiple personalities”); paying for likes (“cheapens your brand. Attract those who like you for you”); liking your own content (“makes you look self-absorbed”); slow response (“Fans don’t always have time to wait. When they comment, respond quickly”); denying negative posts (“Hiding a negative comment doesn’t mean it never existed”); taking undue credit (“for others’ ideas. Create your own content. Be original, and be liked”); and overselling (“Engage in a human conversation with your fans”). 



The intended audience for the series is Brunner’s own clients, and the intended tone is light. In fact, executives realized that when these actions are personified as cartoons, bad brand behaviors become humorous. They also hold out hope that other agencies will also find them amusing and borrow them for their own corporate edification process. However, the animated videos are designed to give clients simple and entertaining reminders, nothing more. 

There are more videos to come. “We actually have fourteen, but only the first seven have been produced so far," says Potts. "Stay tuned for the sequel!” The agency is also working on introducing content around Nils Leonard’s recent article on the future of women and creative.

More on the Faux Pas can be seen here.

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