PubMatic, xAd Letting Mobile Publishers Create 'Location-Based Private Markeplaces'

Expanding on a partnership first announced in May, PubMatic, a supply-side platform (SSP) for programmatic advertising, and xAd, a location-based mobile ad platform, on Monday announced they now support the creation of “location-enabled private marketplaces.”

The two companies teamed this spring to launch a location-based marketplace for mobile advertising. Today’s announcement is about letting publisher get even more specific by creating private marketplaces featuring inventory only from certain locations.

“We have believed for a long time that mobile’s ability to reach and influence consumers’ purchase behavior when they are in close proximity to a store location represents a significant opportunity; the ability to identify premium supply coming from in and around key points of interest can do for mobile what search did for the Internet in the early digital days,” stated Dipanshu Sharma, CEO at xAd.



The companies will use hyper-local data to “pre-define categories of inventory originating from high foot traffic locations such as grocery stores, shopping centers and auto lots,” per a release. The idea is to target consumers just prior in-store purchases.

Recent data from Kitewheel says that 91% of consumers feel that a real-time offer from a  brand might impact their purchase, with 25% saying they are likely to ultimately select the brand who presents the “in the moment” offer to them.

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