Walgreens Uses Apple Pay To Jab CVS, Rite Aid

1 comment about "Walgreens Uses Apple Pay To Jab CVS, Rite Aid".
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  1. Jonathan McEwan from MediaPost, October 29, 2014 at 4:54 p.m.

    Interesting final observation, however, a very temporary issue. It's so sad for CVS. I used to do a lot of business there. But there's a Walgreens just about 100 yards away that's about to pick up my business from now on, whether they relent on supporting Apple Pay or not (I don't own an iPhone 6). Highly publicized greedy self-interest at the expense of customers is just bad for business. And given the choice, I will go with the apparent good guys any day. And you know what they say about 20 "attaboys" to one "oh sh**" — It takes awhile rehabilitate a bad corporate image. Good luck with that, guys.

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