Fallon 'Winternship' Program to Clothe, House, Transport, Entertain 8 Lucky Interns

Well, of course they are! After all, who'd want to intern at an agency in freezing cold Minnesota when they could work in the warm confines of Manhattan? Oh, wait. Anyway, Fallon Minneapolis has launched an intern program called Wintern. In order to lure interns into the program, the agency will outfit the 8 interns it selects with coats, hats and gloves to handle the brutal Minnesota winters. But that's not all. The agency will also cover room and board and transportation during the internship. Oh, and to make things super fun in the middle of winter, the agency will host ice-fishing trips, Zamboni driving lessons, snowshoeing and even a Polar Plunge. Yeah, we'd probably skip that -- but driving a Zamboni? Oh yeah!

Yesterday, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Media & Entertainment Commissioner Cynthia López presented the 2014 “Made in NY” Awards, which celebrate excellence in the New York City creative community and recognize the achievements of individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the City’s entertainment and digital media industries. Joining such luminaries as Steve Buscemi, Neil Patrick Harris, Rosie Perez and Louis C.K., Brooklyn-based agency, Huge, was honored with a Made in NY award. Of the awards, de Blasio said: “The ‘Made in NY” brand has been a tremendous success—becoming a globally recognized symbol of innovation and quality. We’re proud to honor the talented New Yorkers working in front of the camera and behind the scenes, supporting the industries that help make up our city’s cultural soul and economic health, and creating opportunities for New Yorkers along the way.”

Very much like Kimmy Kimmel's Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, DDB Canada decided to gather together several of its creatives who worked on recent campaigns and have them read mean tweets written about those very campaigns. Some of the mean tweets include: "Hey DDB. Remember that funny Netflix as where something funny happened? Me neither," "If this ad was a Netflix show, it would be called House of 'Tards," "The soap is specially formulated for a man's face. The ad is specially formulated for my balls," "This ad actually makes me care less about the poor" and " Good work, DDB. You made an ad for lube that actually makes my vag dry." And there you have it. Social media has given voice to everyone we really never, ever want to hear from. No matter how bad the ads are. And no, the listed Twitter accounts don't actually exist. We're guessing the agency did that to stay out of trouble.

Wait, what? Crocs is still a thing? They still exist? Apparently so -- and Durham-based MicKinney was just charged with making the brand relevant again. Yes, the agency has been tapped as Crocs' new AOR. The agency will provide creative and strategy support, media activation and brand management for all Crocs shoe collections, which include more than 300 seasonal footwear styles sold in more than 90 countries. Of the win, McKinney Chairman and CEO Brad Brinegar said: "Few brands generate as much passion and discussion as Crocs does. We look forward to harnessing the passion millions around the world share for Crocs footwear in the work we do with the Crocs team to create an international ad platform. Crocs is the first global account that McKinney has brought into the Cheil Worldwide network. It's a great win for the New York door of the agency, through which the account will be handled. And proof of our 'one agency, two doors' model of collaboration — bringing the right people together from both New York and Durham to create powerful ideas." Okay, then.



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