Hey, Young People Get Lymphoma Cancers Too

Lymphoma comprises 3%-4% of all cancers, yet an enduring misconception is that these types of cancers — classified into Hodgkins and non-Hodgkins — are only diagnosed in people over 50.

Now, The Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) is teaming up with creative agency Raison D’Etre and production company Click 3X for a major awareness initiative to educate the public that young people also battle this disease. 

"LRF’s devotion to funding innovative lymphoma research and resources for healthcare professionals and the general public ties directly to why the foundation wants to change the misconception that young adults cannot be diagnosed with blood cancer," says Christan Summers, director of creative and strategy at Raison D’Être.

"There are heartbreaking stories of young adults and children who have lost their lives to blood cancer — some of these losses were due to misdiagnosis or ignorance to the disease and symptoms to look for. The Lymphoma Research Foundation exists to fight for these lives and those in the future who will be diagnosed with cancer."



The concept centers on the #EraseLymphoma video -- running across all LRF's social channels -- which tracks the lives of six young adults and their incredibly personal stories of being diagnosed with lymphoma at a young age as well as their battle with the disease. These six individuals are part of the LRF’s social and advocate network, and have been featured on the LRF site in the past or are currently involved with its Advocacy program.

Raison D’Etre and Click 3X came up with the concept for the video, and directed and produced it in their studio. 

This video is part of a larger Adolescent and Young Adult initiative currently running that is dedicated to raising awareness of lymphoma among the adolescent and young adult community. Essentially, the initiative stems from LRF’s overall mission as a foundation; to eradicate lymphoma and serve those touched by this disease.

The campaign has two motives: one to raise awareness about youth cancer, and the other to encourage activism among today's Millennials.

LRF spent $410,554 on marketing and promotions in 2013, up from $181,739 year-over-year, according to company financial filings.

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