Yahoo Aviate Introduces Search Without A Browser

Aviate, a mobile home screen application owned by Yahoo, now allows Android smartphone owners to search for contacts or apps installed on their device, or search across the Web without launching a browser. 

Yahoo has found a way to integrate its services more deeply on mobile devices without being dependent on OS or browser defaults. Aviate's search results appear directly on the phone’s home screen, similar to the way Google Inbox works, so users do not need to open a browser or window. The search features becomes the "gateway" to apps, contact and Web results." This initial release in English for the the U.S. market will eventually lead to other languages across the world.

On Google Play, the company describes the app as a "launcher that will take your phone to the next level. Gone are the days of a cluttered and boring stock Android phone. Yahoo Aviate automatically organizes your apps and shows you the information you need, at the moment it’s useful."

While Yahoo is not the default search engine on Android devices, bundling a search feature with the Aviate app allows users to integrate its own services. The app serves new content on the home screen throughout the day. For instance, information about traffic conditions appears during your morning commute and calendar appointments appear while at work.

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