Google Adds Event Tickets, Social Links In Search Results

Google search results are starting to become a lot more crowded. The engine has begun linking directly to event tickets by forging deals with AXS, Ticketfly and Ticketmaster. The query results now link directly to tickets when searching for a specific venue on the Web or in Google Maps. Searching for a band will return the group's tour schedules.

Knowledge Graph in Google's Web searches also serves up links to the social networking accounts when searching for a brand. The results now show links to social profiles for brand names such as Apple, Disney, Pixar, and Starbucks. The sites being referenced include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, MySpace, and Instagram.

The tool makes it completely transparent in terms of the social sites brands use, but the question remains how Google will use the data to further its paid-search ad targeting. And the more information Google places in the Knowledge Graph box, the more searchers will click through to one of the social sites. One thing is for certain --  Google gains more data as Query results pages lose white space and gain more options to serve content.

When consumers search for brands, the links display in Google's Knowledge Graph. The box appearing on desktop and mobile results summarizes key information about the brand. When Google first began serving social results, it provided profile links from other social platforms for famous people, but not brands. Brand social managers can specify which profiles to link to using a new markup, per a blog post on Google+.

Search on Oscar nominations and Knowledge Graph serves up a listing of this year's Academy Awards nominees. The graph allows viewers to search through everything from Best Supporting Actress to Best Director and Best Original Screenplay. It also serves up a list of former winners dating back to 2010.

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