eXelate Launches Cloud-Based Platform For Cross-Device Marketers

Data tech firm eXelate on Tuesday announced it has rolled three major offerings -- a data marketplace, a data management platform (DMP) and analytics -- into one cloud-based platform, dubbed the “eXelate customer data cloud.”

Mark Zagorski, CEO of eXelate, boasts that the cloud platform allows marketers to create “cross-platform unified customer profiles.” He said the profiles are based on anonymous (non-PII) datasets “that can create a consistent, yet still non-identifiable persona across platforms."

"eXelate manages non-PII based personas that are tied to a specific user ID that is anonymized but connect to a unique profile of behaviors across devices,” Zagorski explained.

The ability to manage and activate data across targeting, data management and analytics functions that address many marketers’ problems,” Zagorski continued. “It can help them answer questions like: ’Is my marketing spend effective?’ ‘Can I effectively move TV spend to other channels?’ ‘Can I find more high value customers?’”



eXelate also announced a partnership with Triton Digital to create a streaming audio DMP. Triton Digital operates its own programmatic ad platform for audio advertising, called a2x.

Zagorski said eXelate has also partnered with Innovid, an interactive online video ad platform. He said a third integration is just weeks away, which will revolve around measuring the “real-time impact of digital marketing efforts to offline sales.”

“By partnering with eXelate and Roku, we are able to bring the notion of programmatic into the creative in order to leverage consumer data on any screen and device including Smart TV,” stated Tal Chalozin, CTO of Innovid.

In conjunction with its new cloud-based hub, eXelate is offering a series of online and offline programs to help marketers manage data-driven marketing campaigns. These will be available during the first quarter of 2015, per a release.

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