Honda Launches Hispanic Effort For CR-V Compact SUV

Honda has launched a Hispanic-market campaign for its 2015 CR-V compact SUV. The effort, by Honda's AOR for the Hispanic market, Orcí, comprises digital, social and experiential, and it delves into parenting and the challenge of finding quality time with kids.

The campaign centers on a minute-long online video about a little girl who dreams big: a girl packs her gear into a CR-V as her parents take the front seat, and they head off on a road trip.
Images cut between the road trip reality, including her asleep and dreaming in the back seat, and her dream of training for an astronaut slot with NASA. It turns out that the road trip is to a science fair where she is a winner. 

Agency CEO and founder Andrew Orcí tells Marketing Daily that the effort includes display and social elements around the tag, "Space for Dreams." "Quite literally she is dreaming of going to space, and the vehicle is creating the space for her to dream." 



He adds that there might be a :30 TV spot in the offing. "One of the insights we have is that family time is critical and our Hispanic target is really optimistic about the future, and education plays into that. Right now Hispanics are, for the first time, over-indexing for college applications, but also for dropping out of high school. So we wanted to position CR-V as a family vehicle where busy parents can connect with their kids and talk about their aspirations."

He says the target audience is young families. "The Hispanic audience tends to marry and have families younger than the general market, so that is the reality of their lives. Honda is trying to connect with Latinos where they are and acknowledge their reality." The agency last year did campaigns for Honda's compact cars, Civic and Fit. 

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