Honda Goes To YouTube For Hispanic CR-V Campaign

As part of its “Space for Dreams” campaign for the CR-V utility vehicle, Honda has ventured onto YouTube to find Latina content mavens who can tell their story and the car’s to a specific audience: Hispanic families. The automaker tapped YouTube enterprise rights and marketing solutions firm ZEFR to find needles in a haystack of millionaire video stars (who have agents and strategists working for them already.) The goal was to find influential up-and-coming young-mom, Hispanic content creators. 

The firm found sisters Paola Celis and Karla Celis, two relatively unknown YouTubers who live in Mexico and blog about things like travel, music, and kids. Honda brought the sisters and their families to San Diego where they toured the region in a CR-V and documented it for Honda’s channel and theirs. The video will live exclusively on Karla Celis' vlog channel.  



Dave Rosner, SVP and head of marketing at the Venice-Calif.-based firm, tells Marketing Daily that the native-content program hits the trifecta: Hispanic, family-oriented, and Spanish-language. He says the agency on both sides of its business faces the “90% of YouTube that most brands can't make make sense of. For brands, we help them find the right content." The company’s other side, and the business it had focused on until last year, is focused on content rights management for brands facing the flood of non-corporate uploads of its content (think music, movie trailers and the like). Only last year did the company launch ZEFR Native, the influencer side of the business

Rosner says the content ecosystem is about 10 times larger than what people imagine it to be because of the social aspect. “YouTube is the second-largest social platform, so there is about 20 times the volume of [an original piece of content] on it because fans upload it.” 

One of the sisters in the video content, Paola, has two kids. The other, Carla, is pregnant -- so they are essentially young moms, which Rosner says is pretty much the CR-V sweet spot for the campaign. “We are looking for folks connecting to specific audiences.” He says the company worked with the media agency and client to put it together.  

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  1. cara marcano from reporte hispano, March 13, 2015 at 5:27 p.m.

    Should a brand be buying content it "can't make sense of?"
    Is content on YouTube designed for Latin Americans a good way to reach US Hispanics?
    Is Honda too cheap to INVEST in real Latino media and is this so-called media buy really a cost-cutting strategy?
    Quite possibly.
    Will this YouTube media buy drive sales as well as a Hispanic newspaper campaign? Or a more 360, Spanish-language media campaign featuring Hispanic newspapers, Spanish-language TV and the radio and the Web sites of said real media properties.
    Is YouTube even a profitable company?

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