Flipboard Enables Private Sharing

With a number of options for public sharing already on offer from Flipboard Magazines, digital content platform Flipboard is moving to give users more choices for private sharing with select friends and family with a new service, Flipboard Private Group magazines.

The new service allows users to collect and share articles, videos, and photos with specific groups in the form of customized digital magazines.

Users who have downloaded Flipboard can access the new private sharing functionality by starting a Flipboard magazine, entering a description of the types of content the group should share there, and selecting the “private” option. They may then invite people to join the group.

They can also invite members to existing Flipboard Magazines with the “Invite Contributor” button on the cover of the digital edition.



Flipboard’s private sharing service could have a number of private social applications, for example, allowing families to document big events and gatherings, or colleagues to collaborate and share research. It may also be useful for private organizations and clubs looking to create their own internal publications.

Private Group Magazines is the latest in a series of new products from the digital content platform. In February Flipboard introduced a new Web site where users can browse their feeds of news and social updates, complementing its existing mobile app.

In January, Flipboard debuted a new ad offering, Promoted Items, that allows brands to integrate content including articles, videos, photos and products into the user’s personalized magazines. Brands using Promoted Items for content marketing can place messages alongside relevant editorial by choosing from interest channels, including news, technology, sports, business, style, entertainment, automotive, lifestyle, design, travel, or culinary and food.

The marketing content is clearly labeled “promoted” and appears with attribution to the brand responsible, but appears alongside editorial content.

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