Twitter Announces New Beta Products To Expand Ad Reach

Celebrating one year of mobile app promotion on their blog, Twitter announced new beta features for app install advertisers. That is, ads that let users download apps just by clicking on them.

The  features promise to expand the reach and cost-efficiency of ads. They also create new payment options for advertisers.

A video app card now allows advertisers to showcase their apps with video. Richard Alfonsi, Twitter’s VP of global business development and platforms, quoted in Fortune, called the new feature “an immersive experience to have video directly in the tweet. It creates great performance and lets marketers convey a lot more about what the app does.”

Those new ads will be available not just on Twitter, but across all its partner apps as well, the company announced. That extends the potential reach of ads to more than 1 billion devices.



About 89% of Twitter's revenue comes from advertising. New ads could help increase revenue for Twitter's cash cow, as they attempt to further monetize its app.

Twitter also now allows advertisers to pay on a cost per install basis. Several testimonials on the blog tout the effectiveness and cost of Twitter’s ad service. The new additions should be especially attractive to Internet start-ups, allowing them to reach large audiences efficiently.

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