WPP's Xaxis Begins Trading 'Click-To-Call' Ads

Light Reaction, the new, mobile-focused unit inside WPP's Xaxis, on Wednesday announced the introduction of a feature called M-Call, a click-to-call product marketers can plug into ad units.

It's the latest performance-based upgrade to Light Reaction, which isn't giving up on its mission to bring "pay-per-performance" options to mobile marketers worldwide.

In that vein, Light Reaction asserts that it will only charge advertisers using M-Call if the ads generate an in-bound call. Light Reaction has teamed up with mobile ad and analytics platform Marchex to measure the click-to-call campaigns.

M-Call, unlike Google’s click-to-call service — which only allows advertisers to buy ads on search inventory — will be available for use in in-app and other mobile Web ads.

“Smartphones have changed how consumers are interacting with brands in the ‘real world’ and more than ever, marketers require visibility and insights on mobile-influenced purchases,” stated Marchex CEO Pete Christothoulou.



Advertisers using M-Call will be able to coordinate their click-to-call mobile campaigns with the rest of their digital spend through Xaxis’ data management platform (DMP) Turbine. They will also have access to mobile inventory including mobile search, mobile display, in-app and mobile social, per a release.

North America will see the first stage of the rollout with Xaxis and Light Reaction clients, as well as GroupM agencies getting access to M-Call and Call Analytics.

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