OTT Prominent In Households With Younger Viewers

More of than half of all TV homes that have had some over-the-top viewing are homes with kids 18 years of age and younger.

A survey from GfK, the consumer marketing researcher, says that 54% of homes with kids 18 and younger have watched OTT content on a TV set or through connected TV devices/platforms.

This compares with a national average of 40% for all TV homes that have used OTT content. Around 30% have watched TV and movie content using subscription video-on-demand platforms: 29% with Netflix; 12% using Amazon Instant Video; and 6% with Hulu Plus.

TV homes without kids but with younger-adult residents are show high OTT usage: 58% of TV homes with 18- to-34-year-olds have viewed OTT content. The number is 53% for those slightly older TV homes, with 35- to-49-year-olds.



34% of all TV homes with no kids have seen some OTT content.

The study looked at Internet-connected smart TVs, separately connected media players, gaming consoles and connected blu-ray players.

Connected media players remain the most popular device when it comes to Internet-connected OTT content. Twenty-three percent of all TV homes have consumed OTT content on TV sets on these devices. Gaming consoles are next at 18%, followed by smart TV at 14% and blu-ray players at 8%.

Ethnic breakdowns show that 42% of Hispanic-Americans, 40% of whites, and 29% of African-Americans have sampled OTT content. GfK says streaming video activity is the third-highest Internet activity after social media and online shopping.

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