Mindshare Bolsters Its 'Loop'

In a bid to make its social listening efforts more effective for clients, Mindshare North America is adding social insights tool Counting Words to its real-time marketing system The Loop. 

Counting Words maps consumer conversations about brands and is designed to track trends and perceptions among competitive sets of brands. 

The social listening tool is the first of a set of tools being developed for The Loop in-house by Mindshare Labs. Later this year, a process for tracking times when consumers appear most receptive to brand messages (called Moments) will be introduced. 

Also to come: A tool (The Map) that will enhance geo-targeted programmatic media buying by parsing data to  provide more precise local level consumer behaviors. And a media touch-points tool (Explorer) will be added that maps and analyzes consumer pathways to and from digital coupons, form fills and purchases. 



The Loop, introduced in 2014 works with a number of outside firms to develop capabilities including Google and Buzzfeed, among others. While “we have great partners and employ the best of off-the-shelf tools, there are times when we need to create customized solutions because our offering is unique,” said Colin Kinsella, CEO Mindshare NA.

Mindshare Labs, overseen by Harrison Shore, helps the agency do that, he added.


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