Donky Segments Audiences, Drill Deeper Into Granular Data

London-based messaging and data network Donky released a new analytics suite that allows deeper segmentation and analysis of mobile app and web users for enhanced granular targeting.

Donky’s new analytics allow brands to determine and engage with customers based on their level of activity, behavior and past interactions. This level of segmentation allows brands to more aware of and more accurately retarget dormant customers, who are much cheaper to reach than new customers.

“It is considerably more expensive to obtain new app users than to re-engage existing dormant users; by introducing the ability to re-engage dormant users, brands can reduce both the pressure and cost to create new app downloads,” stated Donky CEO Paul Putman.

According to Bain & Company, it is six-to-seven times more expensive to acquire a new customer than engage an existing one.

So far the suite has two properties: Active vs. Dormant, and “Anonymous” or “Known” status.

According to a release, finding dormant customers has allowed some marketers to reengage with users for as little as 1p, rather than re-acquire new customers at £15 per user.

Customers on the Donky network are identified either as anonymous or are known by a user ID that associates them with all their known devices. Brands can therefore identify who has visited their site or downloaded their app and not yet provided user information.

Donky can also track the conversion of anonymous to known users and engage users with ads on a device-specific level.

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