Viewbix Launches Video Analytics Platform

Hillel Scheinfeld, COO of Viewbix, said clients want to know more than the number of basic video views these days.

With that in mind, the video engagement platform debuted new analytics capabilities: Viewbix Insights, a real-time analytics dashboard that marketers can use with the Viewbix Player.

Like other newer technologies, digital video has been treated like its traditional equivalent, the television experience, Scheinfeld said. And that doesn’t cut it for clients that want to shape campaigns in real time.

Clients want to know when viewers stop watching, how to get people to respond to calls-to-action and how videos are performing on specific channels.

In order to measure how engaging a video experience is, marketers and brands need to have the right analytic capabilities, not “soft” metrics like the click-through rates and completed view rates, he added.



Better metrics can translate to better ROI, and the new Viewbix platform claims to offer more in-depth metrics that could increase campaign performance by as much as 650%, per the company’s statement. The metrics include the time in the video when users take action; percent of video viewed; and engagement by device type, geography and distribution network. 

“The No. 1 thing when we’ve talked to clients about is that many companies just starting to use video don’t have a good handle on what’s working or not working,” Scheinfeld said. “What we’re finding is a real need for companies’ analytics to measure exactly what’s happening there.”

Viewbix’s technology allows marketers to put call-to-action buttons within video players, for example, or to redesign the video player altogether to fit the brand.

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