Mobile Estimated To Account For 29% Of Holiday Sales

The online holiday shopping season is a bonanza for retailers.

According to Matt Asay, Adobe Marketing Cloud’s vice president, mobile, although the mobile shopping experience still isn’t all that great, consumers will be spending a lot more time on their phones this holiday season. “The data suggests we are in the middle of a profound and irrevocable shift toward mobile,” he says.

His company estimates that the online holiday shopping season will reach $83 billion, an increase of 11%.

That shift -- coupled with general dissatisfaction with the mobile experience -- may be why he predicts that mobile will surpass desktop visits, but only account for 29% of sales.

Based on customer surveys, more shoppers are turning to mobile to buy things, but they still find the experience stressful.



The holiday shopping season, formerly centered around Black Friday — which is expected to hit a record $2.7 billion in sales — has in recent years expanded to include Cyber Monday ($3 billion in sales expected) and even Thanksgiving day ($1.6 billion expected sales).

Mobile is expected to account for about one-third of those sales. Most of the mobile sales will be driven by iOS devices (22%), with Android users not being as likely to spend money directly from their phones (7%).

Adobe’s marketing cloud measures about 80% of all online transactions, and $7.50 of every $10 spent online goes through their system.

Asay says the biggest thing retailers need to take into account is the convenience of their mobile experience. Seventy-one percent  of heavy mobile users said convenience was the most important aspect of the mobile retail experience.

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