Hotel Indigo Launches 'The Color of Discovery' Campaign

IHG’s Hotel Indigo is launching a new campaign Dec. 9 focusing on the experiences that can be discovered around the brand’s hotel properties.

Themed “The Color of Discovery,” the integrated marketing campaign targets select U.S. markets including New York City, Baltimore, Atlanta, Nashville, San Diego and Santa Barbara. The all-digital campaign will appear across a variety of leading media outlets through animated banner ads both for desktops and optimized for mobile devices.

The campaign was created by JWT London. Media buying, led by Mindshare, will appear across a variety of leading media outlets through animated banner ads both for desktops and optimized for mobile devices.

The brand’s message is to deliver a unique boutique experience at each location, and the color Indigo is the representation of each unfolding experience.



The campaign is rooted in the overall brand concept of Hotel Indigo, bringing to life its unique positioning as a branded boutique hotel that inspires authentic moments of local discovery, says Jason Moskal, vice president, lifestyle brands at IHG.

“Just as no two Hotel Indigo hotels are the same, neither are the vibrant and uniquely local neighborhoods they reside in, giving guests something new to discover every time they visit,” Moskal tells Marketing Daily.

The digital ads “reveal” unique experiences to be discovered both within Hotel Indigo properties and their surrounding neighborhoods through the consistent use of an indigo colored animated mnemonic device across all platforms.

The campaign is being launched at the chain’s newest property on the lower east side of New York City. Dawn of Man created a series of immersive projection mapping installations to celebrate the opening.

Upon entering the hotel, guests will be invited to step directly into an illuminated path, projected with iconic LES motifs (Graffiti tags, Quinones Polaroids, Mr. Purple steps, etc.), as well as hotel branding elements (logos, Color of Discovery brand mnemonic, etc.), directly immersing them and welcoming them to the space.

The hotel commissioned legendary street artist Lee Quiñones to create art which is featured throughout the hotel to help bring the neighborhood to life.

“From there, we wanted to leverage his incredible work within The Color of Discovery campaign and further bring it to life in a powerful way,” Moskal says.

The campaign is aimed at the Hotel Indigo brand’s target guest, the “savvy individualist,” Moskal says.

“They are creative and unique with an eye for detail,” he adds. “They enjoy life and discovery, fashion and style, work and travel. They also enjoy sharing and curating their newest discoveries. They are influential among their friends, and their interests, passion points and discoveries are a means to cultivate and share their identity.”

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