Radionomy Launches Mobile App, Teams With Orange Radio

Radionomy, an online radio platform, announced a new mobile app today, available on iOS and Android. The service allows users to start their own radio stations and offers rewards to those who gain a large following.

The streaming service has also been expanded to Roku and Samsung Smart TVs, and the company formed a strategic partnership with Orange Radio, which will distribute Radionomy content through its iOS and Android apps, and extend the company’s reach to more that 100 countries.

Mobile devices have increasingly become an integral part to digital radio provider’s strategies as users flock to them for their portable audio streaming capabilities. eMarketer recently found that listeners in the UK were shifting in ever-increasing numbers to mobile devices.

In the U.S., the youngest demographics have a lot of experience with mobile streaming apps, with half of 16-24s having used a streaming service on a mobile device, according to the Global Web Index. That’s compared to 42% of 25-to-34s, 32% of 35-to-44s, and 21% of 45-to-64s.



The company has seen its fair share of controversy, which seems commonplace in the digital music sphere, with reports surfacing of a coalition of record labels issuing a lawsuit against Radionomy for various of its stations playing music without paying licensing fees.

Radionomy owns the SHOUTcast streaming tech, the Winamp audio player and TargetSpot, a digital audio advertising network. Media and content group Vivendi owns Radionomy.

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