GE #Droneweek Returns, Demonstrates A Different Side Of Periscope

AUSTIN, TEXAS: Droneweek returns in June 2016, when General Electric (GE) provides an inside look at the days leading up to the Olympics in Rio, the images broadcast on Periscope. The campaign will highlight how GE is helping Rio build up the infrastructure, such as the International Broadcast Center, to support the events.

It all started with a group inside GE called the Disruption Lab, focused on incubating new forms of engagement by working with startups to create marketing channels. Last year, the company created a digital franchise developed and launched on Periscope called Droneweek, a five-day multicast of technology machines across the country, according to Sam Olsein, global director of innovation, General Electric Corp, founded in 1892.

The group brought a daily live view with help from a drone. "We tried to take a cue from traditional media, creating GE's version of "Shark Week" by treating each day as its own episode," Olsein said.

BMW's launch of M2 relied on heavily on Periscope, a live reveal of the new car as a professional driver took it for a spin around the track.

In October, BMW provided teasers on Instagram, with enthusiasts catching on. The car manufacturer released images of the car on Periscope driving the track.

BMW launched the campaign with a multiple-camera broadcast on Periscope that lasted 10 minutes, earning 5,000 viewers; 49,000 hearts, and 3,000 new followers.

The company learned to put the audience first. The platform should enhance the concept, making sure to leverage other channels in the ecosystem. There is no re-shooting because it's a live event, according to Pete Harmata, digital innovations manager, BMW, North America, during a panel at OMMA SXSWi at South By Southwest Interactive.  

BMW ran several live reveals in 2015, which taught the brand about connecting in real time with consumers.





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