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BuzzFeed's CMO Talks New Premium Offering, Attribution Challenge

  • Adweek, Monday, March 14, 2016 10:16 AM
BuzzFeed launched a new ad format called Swarm at South by Southwest Interactive on Saturday. BuzzFeed's CMO Frank Cooper announced the new product during a keynote, saying, "Instead of forcing all your traffic and spending all your resources to drive people to your owned and operated platforms, why not go to where they are."

Swarm will let advertisers run campaigns across all of BuzzFeed's online and mobile properties, as well as six of its social platforms: Facebook, Snapchat Discover, YouTube, Vine, Instagram and Tumblr. NBCUniversal tested the new ad format with the movie "Sisters." Cooper said the ad format is best used for "when you want to launch something [and] when you want to create mass awareness—an event."

However, Adweek notes, because BuzzFeed's audience is overwhelmingly moving to social platforms and not the Web, it's difficult to measure how many people will see the ads. Cooper said the company is addressing the limitation by layering on other forms of third-party measurement that allow its advertisers to see what the audience is doing on each of the platforms.

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