AdSemble Launches Digital OOH Marketplace, Expands to New York, LA

AdSemble, an online marketplace for digital out-of-home (DOOH) media, announced the launch of a self-service marketplace that will enable advertisers to manage their entire inventory of DOOH media from AdSemble’s platform.

The company also announced their expansion into New York and Los Angeles markets. Before the expansion, AdSemble represented 277 sign locations in Chicago and San Francisco.

The new marketplace will allow users to monitor campaigns, run analytics, view the locations of inventory and review the agencies they’ve worked with in the past.

AdSemble CEO Matthew Olivieri said that many buyers and sellers still use essentially pen and paper to execute media deals. Olivieri says he started his company to help solve the hyper fragmentation of the DOOH space and make inventory easily searchable.



As that idea evolved, the company saw an opportunity to think about pricing as well. At the time, every network had their own ways of setting up flighting (Monday-Thursday, Sunday-Wednesday, etc.), different metrics, and different pricing. So they built a standardized way of buying media, which Olivieri says, unlocked ad dollars.

Standardizing has had the added benefit of allowing most media providers to fill their inventory on a consistent basis as well, Olivieri says.

A system of programmatic selling like this one has much the same problem that programmatic radio has: the available pool of inventory has a hard cap.

AdSemble has worked with companies and brands like AOL, Samsung, Five Guys, H&R Block and the San Jose Earthquakes.

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