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As It Resists Programmatic, Refinery29 Banks On Its Relevance With Millennial Women

AdExchanger's Sarah Sluis interviews Justin Stefano, co-founder and CEO of Refinery29, the hot publisher catering to millennial women and the advertisers that want to reach them. Notably, Refinery29 doesn't sell media programmatically.Why not? Stefano said: "The reason why brands come to us and want to work with us is because of how well we know our audience and how closely we work with them to drive results. We solve a big problem for brands, which is relevance with millennial women. When you work with a third party, an ad network or programmatic network, you can’t do that. You just serve banner media on a site and it becomes commoditized." Clearly, Stefano hasn't heard about premium programmatic, programmatic direct and header bidding.

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