Major Gap Exists Between Campaign Execution, Attribution, Performance, Study Finds

Marketers still struggle with deciphering marketing signals and campaigns across channels. In fact, 60% of those participating in a study released Tuesday cannot effectively measure campaign signals across channels and platforms, although 77% said they want to do so weekly. Some 62% said they plan to work on doing it more frequently this year.

Origami Logic conducted the 2016 Marketing Signals Survey study from January 2016 through February 2016 through a variety of online channels, with some 181 global marketing professionals from brands and agencies.

More than half of respondents report tracking between zero and six marketing signals each for Web, search, display, social, email, mobile, and online video campaigns. Still the face a variety of struggles when it comes to identifying signals. 



About 37% of marketers participating in the study say it takes too long to get results. About 36% need a way to remove duplicates, 32% want the ability to identify the signals; 31% need to better understand the result; and 30% cite the emergence of new platforms generating new sets of signals.

The report also identifies a major disconnect between executives at the VP-level and analysts when asked whether they are able to effectively measure marketing signals for campaigns across all channels, 60%, and platforms, 31%.

Social is the most frequently measured and analyzed channel, with 70% of respondents reporting weekly or more frequent analysis. The ability to analyze Web signals follows with 65%, search at 55%, display at 52%, and email at 50%.

Results from a study published Tuesday by Origami Logic, which measures marketing signals, finds that not having systems to capture and measure signals hinders the ability to know when to take action based on results, create the biggest problems when it comes to measuring marketing signals.

The study found that 94% of respondents believe effective campaign optimization is contingent on having timely, complete and detailed knowledge of marketing signals, with 74% citing delayed or incomplete marketing signal visibility as a current barrier to measuring and optimizing campaigns. 

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