6sense Launches 2sense To Understand B2B Buyer Timing

Predictive intelligence platform 6sense announced the launch of a new product on Tuesday that helps marketers target potential new clients who are in active buying cycles.

2sense is a new B2B sales and marketing tool that pinpoints potential customers by providing buyer visibility. It connects buyer intent data from internal customer digital activity and 6sense’s Exclusive Data Network of billions of buying signals across the web, including search engine queries, blogs, buying guide portals and review sites. 

With this combination of data, marketers and sales professionals can leverage 2sense to target prospects that have already demonstrated an inclination to buy and, therefore, are most likely to result in a sale.

Once someone pinpoints a potential buyer using 2sense, brands have the ability to leverage that data to target the prospect across various channels, including tailored email marketing automation campaigns, sales workflows, media execution lists for ad-targeting and prioritizing lists for telemarketers.



Amanda Kahlow, chief executive officer at 6sense, discussed why timing is critical to targeting potential B2B buyers in a conversation with Email Marketing Daily.

“Ultimately, in marketing it’s about getting in early and before the competition to educate, influence, and become a partner in a prospect’s decision-making process,” says Kahlow. “2sense enables enterprises to detect when there is behavior being expressed by a prospect that suggests they are actively researching a product category. Timing is crucial to growing top and bottom-line via sales and marketing.”

Instead of the ‘spray-and-pray’ approach, Kahlow says that targeting the right prospect at the right time helps provide a more relevant experience for the potential buyer. It also means a marketing budget is spent on targeting prospects who are more likely to buy sooner rather than later, thus generating a higher return on investment.

The new Software-as-a-Service and subscription-based feature is targeted at Enterprise and mid-market companies, and is built on the 6sense Predictive Intelligence Platform.  

The sales and marketing teams of Hewlett-Packard (HP) now deploy 2sense to identify potential buyers of HP products and services. 

“We specifically selected 2sense for three different reasons,” states Kevin Bolden, vice president and global head of marketing insights and analytics at HP. “The first was time to capability, it was important for us to have this capability up and running very quickly. The second was time to value, the idea of us being able to quickly measure the value of 2sense without doing large investments was important. The final piece was being able to leverage other people’s models rather than us building models from scratch.”


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