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Standards, Measurement Top Challenges For New Ad-Tech Stack

  • eMarketer, Wednesday, April 20, 2016 8:49 AM
Changes in programmatic technology are shifting the landscape for the ad-tech stack, according to Lauren Fisher, senior analyst, eMarketer in her forthcoming report, "The New Ad Tech Stack." For one thing, ad buying used to be between a buyer and a seller. Now ad buyers can use a direct sales force but can also automate the buying process programmatically. They can buy through an ad network, but also via real-time bidding and auctions. Google, Oracle and Adobe are among the handful of players trying to standardize the process and create a single ad tech stack to make it easier for buyers in what has become a decidedly complex buying landscape.
d buying used to be a direct deal between the buyer and the seller. The technical requirements for executing it were just for the delivery and the accounting of the advertising. Now, buyers can still use a traditional sales force, but they can also automate the process and buy programmatically. They can still buy through an ad network, but they can now use real-time bidding or auction as well. - See more at:

Driven by programmatic technology, the ad tech stack is changing drastically. The evolution has led to the development of new platforms, products and services aimed at supporting companies’ digital advertising efforts, but both vendors and advertisers are still tiptoeing around stack standardization. eMarketer senior analyst Lauren Fisher will tackle the subject in her upcoming report, “The New Ad Tech Stack,” and provided a preview of what to expect. - See more at:




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