NEW! NYPD Missing Persons Department Puts Face On Mannequin To Find Missing Boy

What a wonderful idea: putting the face of a missing person on a faceless retail mannequin.

"Invisible Faces" is a project involving the NYPD Missing Persons Department, local retailer K-Way and BBDO New York. The agency worked with a Brooklyn-based studio and portrait sculptor to create the face of Patrick Alford, Jr., a 7-year-old Brooklyn boy who went missing from his foster home about six years ago.

The mannequin that will be on display in K-Way, a SoHo-based store that manufactures packable rain jackets. The store was chosen because of the large amount of foot traffic it receives. The mannequin will be dressed in the same clothing Patrick was wearing on the day he disappeared.

Basic information will be displayed on a plaque next to the mannequin, such as when and where Patrick was last seen. A microsite and hashtag, #BringPatrickHome, has been created for people to learn more about the case and help drive leads. The display will be up through mid-May. See a video about the initiative here.



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